made audible  

A voice-streaming platform towards barrier-free expression and authentic connection through voice

The power of expression

through voice

We always have the need to express ourselves and be listened, and voice is the most primal and unbounded form of streaming your heart and mind quite effortlessly. OnMic gives us the space to do that while you can wear pijamas and no makeup.

Live and unique

listening experience

All voice-streaming sessions on Onmic are happening live. Every session is the only one of its kind. Imagine podcast, but live.

Rising platform for emerging

content creators

OnMic has low barrier of entry for content creators to begin their careers: minimal initial investment, no sophisticated device and no judgement on physical appearance.

Stream Your Voice

Create a room in literally one click at your preferred privacy: public, social and private

Schedule An Event

Generate curiosity and allow audience to RSVP to your upcoming stream

Grow Meaningful Connection

Invite people you care to the network, and follow those who inspire you


Host a ticketed show

Imagine hosting an event where you can focus on building great (audio) content while the rest like registration, payment, refund management are 100% automated

Earn from virtual gifts

Audience are generous enough to send you unlimited virtual gifts as a gesture of appreciation for your quality content, which can be converted to cash

Attract potential customers

More bookings, more sponsors, more students, more customers or simply more followers from your high-quality content

Dedicated support to content creators to get started with OnMic

Whether you are a celebrity or a newbie with just an idea, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

Available on both
Android & iOS

OnMic is inclusive. We leave no one behind :

Stream your voice with OnMic now